Karan Navani

Hi, I'm Karan Navani

I like building bits on the internet. Currently, I work as a Product Manager at Deloitte’s Product team in London, building software for enterprises.

> I enjoy exploring the role of technology in augmenting our life and find it a fun challenge to figure out how to shape this interaction.

> I am working towards runing an interplanetary business in the distant future.

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Write My User Story

An AI-powered user story generator.

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Product Book Club

A book club on all things to do with building great tech products and experiences.

Reach out if you want to join!

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Find a Delivery

A free tool to get notified when delivery slots become available at UK supermarkets.

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  • > Offline

    Your 'read-later' articles/newsletters/blogs, printed in a magazine and shipped to you.

  • > Young Entrepreneurs Club

    A project to support and bring together student entrepreneurs in the UK. I tried documenting the entire journey on YouTube.

  • > Ideally

    A platform to connect students who have interesting ideas with other students who can help bring it to life.

  • > Lecture Fund

    A small hedge fund that pooled student savings to invest in stocks.

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Reach me on LinkedIn or write me an email.

I am always looking to grow and improve so please feel free to give me any anon feedback here.